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Past Demo Days

March Demo Day

Focus:  Retail and Apparel

Panelists:  Danielle Azoulay (Columbia University), Beba Greer (Reformation), Evan Gorski (JBE)





Why Retail:  Fashion production makes up 10% of the carbon emissions that come from human, it exhausts valuable water supplies and contributes  wastewater harming our environment. It also contributes nearly 90% of all textiles to landfill annually. Plus laundry of some clothes can send microplastics into our water system. That's why it's time to clean up the act!

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Image by Matt Hardy

February Demo Day

Focus:  Supply chains & B2B sustainability 

Panelists:  John Leland (Kickstarter), Casey Junod (Westfield), Kat Hunt (Nàdair)


Why Supply Chains & B2B sustainability:  Given that the eight most emitting global supply chains account for more than 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions, businesses are uniquely situated to help decarbonize the economy.  But measuring and decreasing emissions, especially Scope 3 emissions, can be challenging for companies.   So we need innovative companies that can help businesses get to net zero and become more sustainable.

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