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What's our role?

Anglet is the ideal behind-the-scenes co-founder. Anglet designs and builds a fantastic product, solves the toughest data problems, and navigates the path to finding early customers. We bring experience raising  capital. And we'll do all the boring work with accounting, legal, and HR so you can focus on what matters most.

What's your role?

Connect with other brilliant founders to be and collaborate on ideas. Test the best and highest impact ideas. Focus on building. Use the unfair advantage of dedicated expertise and playbooks designed to make you successful. Prioritize impact overall, if there's a bigger problem to solve use this derisked environment to go all in on that!

What do we look for?

Every founder brings their unique perspective to company building. Here are sole of the things that we prioritize.

Leadership and team building experience

Market expertise and obsession

Creative problem solving

Product or start-up building experience

Demonstrated persistence and adaptability

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